The sale or rental of your property implies much more than a sign in your window or an internet advertisement.

Our service provides you with total advice in each stage of your Real Estate operation.
Listing your property
  1. We verify that all the documents of your property are in order, and that there are no pending procedures to avoid setbacks in the sale or rental.
  2. Advice on the procedures and tax costs derived from your sale or rental operation.
  3. We carry out a comparative market analysis, based on the current supply and historical demand for the Real Estate in your area, to precisely determine the optimal sale or rental price of your property.
  4. Estableceremos un plan específico de mercadeo para la venta o alquiler de su propiedad.

    El apoyo del reconocimiento y liderazgo de nuestra marca; la difusión de la información de su propiedad en la Red de CENTURY 21®; el contar con una cartera de prospectos calificados; nuestra política de compartir de forma equitativa con el universo de Agentes Inmobiliarios de Colombia guarantees the sale or rental of your property at thebest and least time.

    But we do not leave it at that, additionally, you will have:
  • Promotion on our website
  • Advertising in the most prestigious Real Estate portals
  • Ads in newspapers or printed media
  • Placement of the recognized CENTURY 21 sign®
  • letters and brochures aimed at specific sectors 


  1. We offer the necessary advice that will allow you to make improvement to your property to achieve a positive impact on clients who visit it.
  2. Our Agents have the expertise in order to provide professional information and an adequate demonstration of their property.
  3. We evaluate prospects to avoid unnecessary inconveniences, and for your safety, we always accompany every prospect who visits your property.
  4. We will obtain the best purchase or rental written proposal, from the client interested in your property.
  5. Once the sale and/or rental proposal is accepted and all the details of the operation have been negotiated, we will advise you with all the steps and documents, in order to excel at your sale or rental operation.
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